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Last Updated: June 22, 2006

June 2006

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Lambing Scenes

Frieda, Iggy, and Izzy
Frieda's twin golden rams are almost identical. Izzy has a white spot on his head but Iggy has the white blaze on his nose. Handsome little guys.
Alice and twins
One of our oldest ewes, Alice, had twins, Izod and Ithaca, this year. In previous years she has had 3 sets of triplets and 3 sets of twins. One year she took a rest and only produced one large lamb for a grand total of 18 over the years. She is a loving mother and teaches her lambs the facts of surviving in the world.
Flashy, India, and Inky
Tom waits while Flashy cleans up her newborn twins, India and Inky.
Cloud and Tom
Tom comforts Cloud during her long labor with her twins, Idea and Imagination.

Bottle Babies

Incense looks on as the other lambs frolic after eating their grain portion.
Black lambs
Vistitors Michael and Lauri are happy to bottle feed Irene, one of Faith's triplet lambs.
This is Incense who had a difficult start. She was only 5 pounds at birth and not as lively as some of the other newborns. She also had some breathing problems. Her tail became infected when we put the rubber ring on it to dock it. She recovered after intense medical treatment as you can see.
Black lambs
Tom pauses a moment to smile for the camera while he cleans out the lamb grain creep. Irene would like to help.

Farm Scenes

Gazelle, Ivy, and Ibex
Gazelle's lambs, Ivy and Ibex, play king of the hill on her back.
These siblings enjoy each other's company on the hay pile while their Gazelle goes to graze.
This pair of lambs find comfort in curling up for a nap together.
Audrey's ewe lamb Interest has a very cute face and an unusual color.
Alice, Ithaca, and Izod
Alice has plenty of milk to feed her twins, Ithaca and Izod.
Black lambs
This group of black lambs play together after their evening grain.


Faith and triplets
Faith had her triplets without any assistance. Her white ram, Ian, who weighed 8 pounds at birth, was her favorite. Irene, at 7 pounds and Incense, at 5 pounds, became bottle babies.
Faith and Ian about a week old.
Faith and triplets
Danielle produced only one large ewe lamb, Ivory.
Hershey and family
Emma was first to give birth. Her lambs are Ira, a white ram and Ida, a black ewe. Hershey was her ewe lamb from last year who was not bred. Hershey takes her job as big sister very seriously. She looks after and teaches her younger siblings.
Hershey and Ira
Hershey shows Ira how to eat hay.

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