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July 2004

This year our 42 lambs were named using G-names. Last fall we used our 1 year old ram Frazzle, our 3 year old half black Romney ram Drew, and our 4 year old full Tunis ram Champion to breed to our 26 ewes.

This has been a good year for selling the fleece from our March shearing. I sold all but 8 fleeces. One hand spinner who came all the way from Ohio to purchase raw fleeces, generously gave me a spinning lesson on my Babe spinning wheel. She also showed me how to make yarn on a spindle made from a CD and a dowel. Now I am trying to learn to spin roving. My leftover 8 fleeces will be washed, picked, and carded for my own use. My next exciting endeavor will be learning how to dye the rovings.

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Gentle chewing Gambol
Gentle says, "Got your nose" to Gambol her brother while a black unrelated lamb watches closely.
Goliath watches
The third triplet, Goliath, carefully watches the antics of his brother and sister.
Gambol chewing Gentle
Gambol says to Gentle, "I think I have your nose and mouth now."
Heated dispute
The dispute becomes more heated.
Time out
Whew, time out for a breath.
Black lamb referee
While the black lamb referees the sibling spat, the contenders get ready...
Make Up
...to kiss and make up.
Amanda and triplets
Amanda, the triplets' mother, is raising them without any assistance.

This is Glitzy who was the smallest lamb born this year, weighing 6 pounds at birth. She was a single born to a first time mother, Flashy.

This is Frazzle who was one of our three rams. He was friendly and sweet natured and always ready to greet anyone who comes to visit.

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