Hickory Hill Farm
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Last Updated: July 11, 2007

July 2007

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Lambing Scenes

Al and Jubal
Jubal looks on with interest as Al finishes feeding
Betty's triplets: Jesse, Jughead, and Jessica.
Visitors to the farm pet Jesse.
Triplets looking for bottle
The triplets crowd in to see if there is a bottle.
Classy with Triplets
Classy relaxes with her triplet rams: Jody, Jude and Jules.

The births of Spring 2007 included 4 sets of triplets,
11 singles, and 17 pairs of twins for a total of 59 lambs.

Al and Pat Hays, Hickory Hill Farm
447 Whitacre Road, Gore, VA 22637-2144
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alhays@hickoryhillfarmsheep.com (Al)
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