Hickory Hill Farm
"Natural color, naturally raised, naturally good sheep."

For Sale at Hickory Hill Farm

Breeding stock, Fleeces, and Wool products

We have a variety of natural colored sheep for sale. We have lambs and sheep for breeding. Call (540) 888-4348 or e-mail sales@hickoryhillfarmsheep.com to ask about the current pricing and availability of farm products.

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  "Your batting is a delight to work with. It's easy on needles, looks and feels like a lovely silk, and moves as I want. The completed quilt is light weight and quite warm. All this add to the fun! Liz in WV"
Liz Gedling
Stony Mountain Quilts WV

Al and Pat Hays, Hickory Hill Farm
447 Whitacre Road, Gore, VA 22637-2144
lambs4me@hickoryhillfarmsheep.com (Pat)
alhays@hickoryhillfarmsheep.com (Al)
(540) 888-4348