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Care and Use of Wool Batts


Quilt stitches should be 3 inches or less apart to hold the batting in place.

Laundering Quilt

You will get the best results if you wash your comforter/quilt in a large tub. Put warm water in the tub FIRST along with a reasonable amount of mild detergent. Then ADD the comforter/quilt. Soak and gently work up and down by hand through the water. Squeeze out the water by hand or on spin cycle in washing machine. Rinse with warm water using the same method. You can use some big soft towels to help remove the excess water after the last spin if using the washing machine spin cycle. If possible, line dry on a windy day. Additional airing on windy days will help keep your woolen comforter/quilt fresh and fluffy.

Do not use the automatic dryer and no front loading washing machines. Do not allow the quilt to be agitated by the top loading washing machine tub blades. Tumbling in the washer or dryer will shrink your wool.

Soak to wash your quilt in warm water in a tub and your favorite quilt washing product. Remove the quilt, drain the wash water, and fill with the same temperature of rinse water. You can gently move the quilt through the water but do not agitate. Do not wash the quilt in a washing machine using the wash or rinse cycle. You can use the soak cycle and let it spin to get out the water. Line dry outdoors or over a railing on a breezy day.

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